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MetaHash (MHC)


Amount of Tokens: 3 stakes + 2 stakes for each referrals. ​

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1 MHC = $0.0391 USD

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About this Coin


MetaHash is a Decentralized Apps Blockchain with its own coin called MetaHashCoin. MetaHash is “the fastest and most secure” cryptocurrency in the world operating on the TraceChain protocol. Their decentralized network is utilized for digital asset exchange in addition to a platform for building real-time decentralized applications.

How to claim?

  1. Start to chat with MetaHash Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Join MetaHash Telegram group.
  3. Submit your email to MetaHash Telegram Bot for an email verification code.
  4. Send the verification code to the bot.
  5. Type “/link” to get a referral URL.
  6. Type the “/address” command (without the quotations) to set up your ETH address.
  7. You wil receive 3 stakes for joining.
  8. Refer your friends to earn an additional 2 stakes per referral. Type the ''/stats'' to follow your progress.

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