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Don’t have an Ethereum Address yet?

We’ll show you how to get started on creating your own Ethereum Address using My Ether Wallet

How to start?

  • Go to My Ether Wallet's website.
  • Enter a password to get started. The password helps to encrypt and protect your wallet.
  • Download your Keystore file. It is recommended to back up and store this file in a secret location so that you and only you can access your crypto funds.
  • You will then have the option to save your private key. Your new Private key will need to be privately stored and back up also.
  • The next page will ask how would like to access your Ethereum address with many different options. You can simply enter your private key or keystore file you've just received. There are more secured options available to access your wallets by investing in a Ledger Wallet.

You will lose access to your funds if:

  • You lose your keystore file.
  • Or forget the password associated with the file.

How can I keep my coins safe?

This blog post will show you a variety of ways to keep your coins safe.

Overtime, the value of your cryptocurrency holdings may surge in price. It is very important to keep your digital assets safe. Be aware of scams, hacking and other vulnerabilies that could lead to loss of your digital assets. This topic will give you a list of options available to prevent any loss.

Use a Safe Wallet Source

A cryptocurrency wallet is a way of storing, withdrawing, and depositing your digital assets. You will have many options as there are three different kinds of wallets to choose from: online, mobile and desktop. We recommended storing your crypto-assets through KeepKey, Ledger Wallet or Trezor.

Rule of Thumb

  • Never send any amount of your coins to get recieve a larger payment to anyone.
  • It is reccommended to use a private vpn when accessing your wallet.
  • Never release information about your private key to anyone.
  • Never use your primary email to apply for airdrops.
  • Always use 2-Factor Authenication to access your wallets
  • Never re-use your same password when registering on a site.
  • Take precaution when downloading a hardware wallet.